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  • Join the S3 Club - Open to all students. Network and learn from S3 alumni working in professional and collegiate sports at monthly meetings. Check out our events page to see the schedule.
  • Apply to the S3 major - Applications from sophomores are accepted year-round each year until we fill the following year’s incoming junior class. 
  • Learn about the industry - Read more about the business of professional and collegiate sports by reading articles in the S3 Report. These articles are written by over 100 different managers and executives in the industry for those who want to excel in the sports industry. Baylor’s S3 Report receives over 3,000 views each month (and 40,000 a year) from other professionals in the sports industry. Get to know them by interacting with them on social media about S3 Report content.
  • Scholarships - The S3 Program annually awards scholarships and fellowships up to $2500 for outstanding S3 majors. Must be admitted to the business school (junior or senior standing).
  • Plan your course schedule - Prepare for your career in professional or collegiate sports with six courses available only to S3 majors. Develop teamwork, leadership, and relationship-building skills along with your cohort of highly qualified, motivated and passionate S3 majors. Your S3 professors are not just instructors. We provide personal mentoring and coaching to help you reach your goals.

Places to Go - Things to Do

  • S3 Brand, Data & Sales Days - Interview, network, and learn with managers and executives from teams, companies and agencies from around the country. These day-long events allow each S3 major to meet every board member who recruits for internships (juniors) or careers (seniors).
  • S3 Game Trips - Ride the Rangers Express or the Mavericks Express bus, as Fox Sports Southwest hosts S3 students at the game. Students are picked up at campus and delivered to the front gate of Globe Life Park or the American Airlines Center. Seniors travel to the San Antonio Spurs for interviews, meetings and a game each fall.
  • Senior Trip to NYC - Spend 4 days in the greatest city in the world, where S3 seniors tour and meet executives at the NBA offices, MLBAM offices, the Mets at CitiField, the Yankees at Yankee Stadium, Madison Square Garden and more. We’ll also get the best pizza in NYC and visit Times Square. Sponsored by Schlotzsky’s and La Quinta Inns & Suites.
  • S3 Senior Send-off - Help celebrate our seniors as they begin their careers. All S3 seniors are invited to a dinner and celebration party brought to you by the sponsors and advisory board of the Center for Sports Strategy & Sales.
  • S3 Phillips 66 Classroom - Visit the Phillips 66 S3 Classroom in Foster 113/114 to see the 28-seat computer lab and call center, alongside the state-of-the-art classroom equipped with video-conferencing equipment for guests to join us from anywhere in the world.
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