The Center for Sports Strategy and Sales is the only program in the United States focused on generating revenue for sports. As an S3 graduate, you will have career opportunities in analytics or sales for major league teams, university athletics, corporations and agencies. Baylor is the only university combining learning with practice in partnership with Baylor Athletics to prepare graduates for careers in the business of sports.

"S3 has an incredible sports and sales curriculum, which is only enhanced by outstanding educators and students of the highest character. "

Joe Schiavi
Senior Director of Sales at Miami Marlins

"One reason I value candidates from Baylor University is I know these students have direct experience assigning leads to reps through CRM, making customizations in the CRM, and analyzing data."

Chris Zeppenfeld
Vice President, Business Intelligence, Charlotte Hornets

"The Baylor S3 degree has been invaluable to my career. To graduate with experience selling tickets and packaging real-life partnerships gave me an instant leg up in the sports world. The relationships I developed with teams across the country while still in school gave me an instant network. Receiving all of these benefits in a value-based, Christian environment is an advantage you can’t put a value on."

Brian George
Senior Director of Suite Sales, Houston Texans

"I went to a different university for undergraduate and I wish we had something like the S3 program. The Baylor students are at such an advantage to not only network with teams, but have the ability to see opportunities that are open before anyone else. "

Courtney Miller
Senior Account Executive, Corporate Partnerships, Dallas Cowboys

"Year after year, as I travel to dozens of pro sports organizations, Baylor's S3 program cranks out some of the most qualified, high-quality professional job candidates in all of sports. It's about quality, not quantity at Baylor, and the program's track record of success in the industry is nothing short of amazing."

German Montero
Manager, New Business-Teams,The Madison Square Garden