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Leading Scholars Offer U.S. Healthcare Reform Solutions Designed to Break Partisan Gridlock
Two faculty members from Baylor University, Michael Richards and Forest Kim, authored an article in a special issue of Health Management, Policy and Innovation (HMPI) focused on articles about reforming the U.S. healthcare system with solutions designed to build bipartisan buy-in.

Baylor Study: Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) Plus Social Media Connections Can Equal Happiness
WACO, Texas (Dec. 2, 2019) – FOMO – aka the “fear of missing out” – can have a positive impact on well-being when it leads to social media use that increases social connections, according to a new Baylor University study.

Efficiency Kills Creativity: Here’s How to Be Innovative Anyway
Forbes: A Baylor Management study finds that a hyper-focus on efficiency kills creativity in the workplace.

Video: Good Question: What to Do When Someone ‘Phubbs’ You?
WYTV (ABC): Featured in this story on "phubbing" (phone snubbing) are Marketing professors and subject-matter experts James Roberts and Meredith David.

Audio: Women in Economics: Tisha Emerson
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis: Featured in this episode of The Women in Economics podcast is Baylor Economics professor Tisha Emerson who discusses her research on the gender gap in economics.

Focus on Your Employees, Not Your Bottom Line
Utah Business: A study from Baylor Business' department of Management found that employees withhold performance from supervisors who focus on profits over employee morale.

Video: 4 Tips to Keep Smartphones From Ruining Your Relationships
Money Talks News: Featured on this nationally syndicated consumer news program is research by professors of Marketing and smartphone experts James Roberts and Meredith David, who found that "phubbing" (smartphone snubbing) can damage romantic relationships and lead to depression.

How to Stop Looking at Your Phone
Vox: Professor of Marketing James Roberts is a featured consumer expert in this article offering tips to help people disengage from their smartphones.

Edutainment' Can Lead to Positive Health-Related Changes Among Multicultural Millennials
News Medical: "Edutainment" can lead to positive health-related changes among multicultural millenials according to a new study by Tyrha Lindsey-Warren, professor of Marketing.

Multicultural Millennials Respond Positively to Health 'Edutainment'
[9/20/2019] This research spotlight focuses on a study by professor of Marketing, Tyrha Lindsey-Warren, which found that "edutainment" can drive positive health-related changes among multicultural millennials.

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