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Will the Supreme Court's Sports Betting Decision Provide Revenue or Send Texas Down a Dark Path?
Dallas Observer: Professor of Economics Earl Grinols is quoted as an expert on the economic and societal effects of gambling for his insight on the impact the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on sports betting.

The (Empirical) Science Isn't Settled
Mises Institute: This article by professor of Entrepreneurship Peter Klein discusses the debates around empirical evidence and economic theory.

Outstanding Undergraduates Recognized
Dean Terry S. Maness hosted an awards ceremony and banquet to celebrate Business undergraduates who will be graduating in 2018.

[Re]Searching for the Truth: Investigating How Religion and Money Influence Rationality
Innovative Business at Baylor: Recent Economics graduate Brittany Ward, along with Assistant Professor Jason Aimone, Professor Jim West and a graduate assistant in the Economics Department, decided to research how rationality is affected when religion and monetary gain are at odds.

Risky Business: Undergrad’s Honors Thesis Explores Risk and Punishment
Innovative Business at Baylor: For her senior honors thesis, Economics graduate Amanda Short explored this risky behavior. Encouraged by her thesis advisor, Assistant Professor of Economics Jason Aimone, Short set out to understand more about human behavior in similarly risky situations.

Hurricane Harvey Could Hit the Texas Economy
CNN Money: Interviewed in this article about Hurricane Harvey and its impact on Texas economy is professor of economics Tom Kelly.

International Ranking Agency Recognizes Baylor Business Graduate Programs
Baylor's Master of Science in Economics (MSEco) program and Master in Business Administration/Juris Doctor (MBA/JD) program both make a showing in the top 50 slots of Eduniversal’s ranking of 32 fields of study worldwide.

Piercing the Darkness: Casting Light on the Economics of Domestic Abuse
Innovative Business at Baylor: Yoo-Mi Chin, assistant professor of economics, researches the damaging economic impact of domestic violence, particularly in developing countries.

Investigating Tax Thresholds to Help Developing Countries Increase Economic Growth
Innovative Business at Baylor: Lourenço Paz, Assistant Professor of Economics, researches how countries can determine which firms are worthwhile to tax and which aren't.

Strategic Entrepreneurship
Biz Bahrain: This article is an exclusive interview with professor of entrepreneurship, Peter Klein, on several topics, including: his work in the Austrian school of economic thought; tips for new entrepreneurs; and his perspective on Bahrain's economy.

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