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Baylor Alumnus Launches Bazaar Website

Sept. 8, 2011

Noah MortelBy Lauren Brandom

After graduating from Baylor Business School in 2008 with a degree in marketing, economics and international business, Noah Mortel could not find a steady job. With pressure from his parents and a strong desire for a successful career, Mortel tapped into his entrepreneurial spirit and launched a unique website. is a free marketplace where users can easily search a variety of listings to swap, buy or sell items of their choice. The website targets college students, who are able to search for textbooks, furniture and other essentials by college name or geographical location. Mortel's main priority is to keep the website free and user friendly.

Mortel has high expectations for his new business. "Within the next five years, I would like for to be the leader in the classified listings market," he said. In fact, Craigslist is currently the industry leader, but Mortel remains optimistic. Mortel will, "continue to add more and more features and continue to be innovative to retain the company's position." Since the May 20, 2011 launch, has received 46,172 page views with over 5,500 unique visitors.

Mortel came up with the idea for in March of 2010, and worked closely with a team of five developers to bring the site to life. Mortel said, "I really have to credit my mentor, Kim Vance. She is another Baylor alumnus and owns a web design agency in Dallas. Without all of her great help and advice, definitely would not be possible."

Mortel got his inspiration for the company from his family's story, "My parents come from Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, It's been hard financially, but they did their best. It was their dream when they came to America for us to do well and eventually help other people."

Mortel looks to not only have a marketplace online, but also hopes to make a difference in people's lives. "I really believe there are a lot of people out there with lots of talent but they don't have the funds to be able to bring their talents and abilities to fruition," said Mortel, "I want to be able to be in a position in the future to help people like that financially and also have scholarships for poor people."

To learn more about and sign up to post and search for listings in your community, visit

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