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Spreading Hope, One Bottle of Water at a Time

Feb. 24, 2011

Hope Springs Water WorldBy Kelsey McCarty

Doctor Ted C. Mettetal is spreading hope, one bottle of water at a time. Hope Springs bottled water is saving lives through clean water projects. Business students from Baylor University are helping.

"I truly believe God talks to us by inserting questions. I started asking myself 'what would it look like if there was a water bottle on the shelf that gave a 100 percent of its profits to clean water projects? Would it be appealing to a consumer?' I wrestled with this idea for awhile. I was nearly 60. I had a booming medical practice. I didn't need another job. However, I had a holy discontent," said Dr. Mettetal Founder and CEO of Hope Springs Water.

According to World Vision statistics, 1.2 billion people are without access to clean drinking water. 5 million deaths worldwide are due to waterborne illnesses. 100 percent of Hope Springs Water goes to help those without clean drinking water.

Hope Springs Water was founded by Dr. C. Ted Mettetal in Athens, Texas, about one year ago.

"I've gone on mission trips for 30 years, mainly short-term medical mission trips. We've gone to Mexico, Central, South America and Africa. Virtually everywhere we go, there is always a difficulty for the people accessing clean drinking water. We started drilling wells here and there," Dr. Mettetal said.

As a part of a group project for the Business Excellence Scholarship Team (BEST) class at Baylor University, Allison Steele, Haley Elmers, Kylie Borgias and Emily Phillips, with Dr. Marlene Reed, had the honor of working with Dr. Mettetal and his team. They wrote a business plan for Hope Springs Water.

"The CEO had so much passion for the company's mission, and it was an amazing experience to work with him in developing the business plan. Our team learned so much and we wish Hope Springs Water every success in the future," senior Allison Steele said.

The team of four analyzed Hope Springs' business model, target market, competitors, and opportunities to come up with a business plan and list of recommendations for them to use in their company strategy.

"It was very exciting that we got help from the Baylor students, they're great," Dr. Mettetal said.

Hope Springs Water isn't available nationwide. They are starting out small by stocking the water in East Texas stores.

Dr. Mettetal had to start two corporations. He started out as a not-for-profit and a for-profit. All the profits in Hope Spring s Water's for-profit account flows directly into its not-for-profit account. The accounts are set up much like Newman's Own Salad Dressing.

Hope Springs Water is available at Anderson Family Drug and Athens Thrift store. Dr. Mettetal is in the process of finalizing a contract with a larger East Texas grocery chain. His hope is for this to be finalized in three months.

Hope Springs Water has been getting quite a bit of news coverage. Trinity Valley Community College, out of Athens, Texas, raised $5,000 for a well. Hope Springs has drilled two wells and a third will be drilled in Nicarauga.

Wondering how you can participate? If your order is large enough, they'll happily deliver out-of-town.

"Ask someone what they would do in order to save a life. You'll get very interesting responses. What Hope Springs Water offers is the opportunity for people purchasing a bottle of water not to do anything out of the ordinary. People can purchase Hope Springs Water and save a life. It is very simple and has great impact. We hope it will be successful. I believe most people will do something good if we give them that opportunity," Dr. Mettetal said.

Remember, by purchasing one bottle of Hope Springs Water, you could be helping developing countries get access to clean, healthy water.

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