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International Business Law Students Now Certified by the U.S Department of Commerce

Dec. 7, 2010

By Nincy Mathew

A group of Baylor's international business law (INB4320/ BL5320) students were awarded certificates of training for successful completion of two Global Market Series programs sponsored by the International Trade Center in Dallas. After completing over 30 hours in online webinars for six weeks, they have finished the United States Department of Commerce Global Market Series Import Certification Program and the Institute for Supply Management Global Market Series Export Certification Program.

For their final project, students presented an idea for their 'existing' business which will be expanding into potentially a developed country and a developing or undeveloped country. They explained their concept as well as the pros and cons for each option, and make a recommendation on their choice.

Ms. Elyse Erikkson, director of training of the International Trade Center in Dallas presented students with the certificates and also briefly spoke on employment opportunities for students with training in global business.

This is the first time these certifications have been offered through Baylor. The training sessions are available to the public for a fee through the International Trade Center in Dallas, but only students taking the international business law course were able to obtain this certification through Baylor, said professor Martha Agee, senior lecturer in accounting and business law.

There were 12 recipients including Theo Bruton, Neill Carson, Jordan Eiben, Haley Elmers, Yishan Gao, Neeraj Gilani, Maggie (Jing) Guo, Mallory O. Michels, J. Andrew Neill, Tracie Leigh Pape, Jordan, Elizabeth Reese, Stephanie Ritchie, Kristi N. Treece and Rachel Wisner.

"As global trade increases, it is crucial for students to understand the unique legal complexities, the benefits, and the risks of international transactions," said Agee. "By completing these training sessions which are taught by highly qualified experts in their various fields, students will be even better prepared to succeed in future endeavors."

To obtain certification, students participated in online sessions and gained understanding on the main steps involved in the import and export process as well as on U.S customs and border protection, international payment procedures, cross-cultural communications and others.

"By obtaining this training and the certificates of completion, students have demonstrated specialized knowledge related to international trade, and are better prepared for employment opportunities with domestic and global employers," said Agee.

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