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Professor Receives Award for Academic Integrity

Nov. 15, 2010

By Becca Broaddus

Baylor University Professor Dr. Blaine McCormick received the Donald McCabe Award at the 2010 International Conference on Academic Integrity in Long Beach, Calif. The award "recognizes sustained work in research, teaching or writing, which contributes to the understanding and promotion of academic integrity in society."

"It's an amazing honor to be given a global-level teaching award," McCormick said. "This sort of recognition makes me realize that we might be accomplishing more than we think."

He was recognized for his focus on the Baylor University Honor Code in the Business 1301 classes, a pre-requisite for first year students in the business school. McCormick and the students begin each class by reciting the Code together.

"I think the basic repetition matters each day," McCormick said. "I'm a big believer in cumulative effects over the long term."

Multi-lingual students are invited to stand and read the honor code in their own language or in his or her language of choice. So far, the code has been recited in over 20 languages.

"I don't really think of it as memorization of the honor code. I think of it more in terms of "internalizing" the honor code," he said. "That's far more important to me - to have the text live actively within the student."

The International Center for Academic Integrity, an international organization dedicated to promoting academic integrity through the articulation of standards in teaching, learning and research, presents the annual award.

McCormick was nominated for the award by Baylor Office of Academic Integrity Director Linda Cates.

"Dr. McCormick believes that it's not just teaching the Honor Code, but it is teaching and enforcing the Honor Code that matters," Cates said. "Knowing that professors are serious about academic integrity and knowing that accountability matters does change student behavior," Cates said.

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