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Baylor Business Just Got a Little Bit Greener

Aug. 28, 2009

By Becca Broaddus

The Hankamer School of Business has a higher environmental and social awareness thanks to Kurt Flor, a 2010 Baylor MBA candidate who recently brought Net Impact to Baylor.

Net Impact, an international nonprofit organization made up of over 15,000 graduate students, MBAs, and professionals dedicated to using business to improve the world, prepares students for an economic climate where thinking "greener" is not only responsible; it is a business strategy.

"I don't want students to be out of the loop," Flor said. "Going into companies without knowledge of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is like not knowing accounting now. It's a disadvantage."

Baylor is one of the first universities in Texas to receive a charter for a Net Impact chapter. The chapter aims to educate students about how to use business to propel environmental and social initiatives.

"We aren't a bunch of tree huggers. We don't protest. We use business to help environmental and social consciousness," Flor said.

Net Impact brings more to Baylor business students than social and environmental awareness through the extensive network of members.

"It is an opportunity to build a network that is long-lasting with peers and professionals," staff sponsor Joanna Iturbe said.

Although Net Impact: Baylor primarily serves MBAs and graduate students, Flor hopes to help create a Net Impact chapter for undergraduates in the coming year.

Details about Baylor's progression towards a more environmentally and socially responsible business school can be found in Net Impact's Business as UNusual: The Student Guide to Graduate Programs 2009. For more information about Net Impact, visit

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