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Consumer Advocates on Campus Program at Baylor University

March 27, 2006

By Morgan Lawrence

Direct Selling Education Foundation (DSEF) and Baylor University's Hankamer School of Business partnered to host the world-class Consumer Advocates on Campus Program.

DSEF is a Washington, D.C. not-for-profit public educational organization founded to serve the public interest with education, information and research to enhance acceptance and public awareness of direct selling in the global marketplace.

Universities across the U.S. and DSEF wanted to create a program that could have business professionals "speak to students about 'real life' consumer issues as they relate to their course of study," said Tamara Ingram, Program Coordinator for DSEF.

DSEF began the On Campus Program on the Baylor campus in 1994. Other hosts have included San Diego State University, Colorado State University, Washington State University, and University of Georgia.

"We are doubly excited about being asked to host this excellent program for a second time," said Dr. Larry B. Chonko, Holloway Professor of Marketing. Baylor has around 20 classes that met with the business professionals during their two day visit.

The program has grown over the years to include more diverse speakers. "Today, we include business executives to show how they work with public policy makers/regulators to ensure a fair and healthy consumer marketplace," said Ingram.

The speakers are selected through a network of individuals that DSEF has partnered with in both domestic and international programs. The individuals are from local and federal government, consumer advocacy organizations, and businesses.

The speakers this year included representatives from the Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Bureau, County of Los Angeles Department of Consumer Affairs, National Association of Consumer Agency Administrators (NACAA) and direct selling companies Mary Kay Inc. and Creative Memories.

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