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Big XII 'Plus' Research Symposium at Baylor University

March 9, 2006

By Morgan Lawrence

Baylor University will be hosting the Big XII Plus MIS Research Symposium on April 1-2 during which PhD students from the Big XII will present their research ideas to junior and senior faculty in order to obtain feedback prior to beginning their dissertations.

This Symposium helps IT researchers exchange their current and future research ideas. Not only do researchers share ideas, but they can look at areas of collaboration for future proposals. The Symposium helps all the Big XII schools build a network of ideas and foster positive communication with one another.

"When it started four years ago, the symposium was exclusively for Big XII PhD students and faculty but since last year, the conference expanded--hence the "Plus"--to include the University of Arkansas and the University of Texas-Dallas, both of which have strong IS doctoral programs" said Dr. Dorothy Leidner, professor of Information Systems and director for the Center for Knowledge Management-Institute of Emerging Technologies and coordinator of the event. "The Big XII Plus MIS Research gathering provides an informal, friendly atmosphere for doctoral students to present their initial research ideas and receive feedback from respected faculty from other institutions whom they might otherwise not get to meet," she added.

Baylor is expecting 100-150 people to attend the Symposium, and there will be 17 different research presentations. Each paper is reviewed by a junior and senior faculty member prior to its presentation by the doctoral students during the symposium. During each session, a faculty will act as session chair to facilitate dialogue. Throughout the discussions, the author will gather feedback and the attendees can help revise their peers' work.

Besides enabling researcher interaction, the Symposium also aims to help Ph.D. students learn about the different schools in the Big XII Plus and learn from the senior faculty at these institutions. To this end, the second day of the symposium features panel discussions where prominent faculty share insights about their careers and their research.

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