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Professor Visits from Taiwan

Feb. 23, 2006

By Morgan Lawrence

Dr. Chung-Tzer Liu, an Associate Professor in Department of Business Administration at Soochow University in Taiwan, is visiting Baylor University through a program with the United Board.

The United Board's mission is to support a Christian presence in academic communities in Asia. It accepts around 28 people each year into it program whether it is faculty, administrators, or trustees. The program lasts eight months. The first four months of the program is spent studying at an Asian university. Then the last four months, the program relocates them to a U.S. university.

Liu is sitting in on information systems and marketing classes this semester. He notices that "there is a lot of interaction between the students and the professors. Students participate in the class" compared to Taiwan students. Many professors in Taiwan only lecture during class.

Liu also has help from people around Baylor. He has a coordinator, Linda Klatt, director of International Students & Scholar Services, and a mentor Dr. Randal Vaughn, a professor for Information Systems, who can help with any questions about the classroom and the culture change to the U.S.

Different tracks such as teaching and researching are offered in the U.S. However, Taiwan's professors focus mostly on just teaching and not research. Professors in Taiwan typically do not have the opportunity to conduct research and teach at the same time. Liu enjoyed that many professors at Baylor are encouraged to research as well as teach.

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