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Business Students Make Pitches at Edward Jones Challenge

April 28, 2004

In Their Words

"I liked the openess and freedom to develop our ideas. The creative aspect of it all was great. I learned a ton. From market analysis to GIF animations, I picked up so many new skills."

    - Louis Lupinacci III, Freshman,

Management major, from Katy, Texas

"When you are assigned a project in which you have very little background experience, you find that you are capable of so much more than you orignally think."

    - Kristin Lovejoy, Freshman, Entrepreneurship

major, Music minor, from Houston, Texas

"Being in the Edward Jones Challenge was nothing like I expected it to be. I felt very priviliged to have the business people take time out of their days to come and judge us and to offer us suggestions. At first I was a little nervous, but soon that went away in the excitement of explaining to an 'investor' about all the hard work we had done and where it took us."

    - Melissa Puckett, Freshman, International

Business and Marketing major, from The Woodlands, Texas

"We made sure that the judges knew that we were a customer-oriented company. We also presented our plan as if the judges were actually going to invest in us right on the spot. What I learned by doing this project is that teamwork really 'pays' off."

    - Gene Perkins, Junior, Accounting


"This was like having my first job interview. It helped me to have the confidence to present material to the judge and learn how to work with others for future group projects."

    - Amy Potter, Freshman, Business

major, from Corpus Christi, Texas

"It takes work to accomplish what you want. We worked really hard and despite that we were one of the top three, there were still problems with our plan and we still received criticism. But that criticism helped us in knowing how to make our company better than before."

    - Karyn Pearcy, Freshman, Marketing

major, from Rockton, Illinois

About 350 students at Baylor's Hankamer School of Business vied for cash and awards at the 10th Edward Jones Challenge yesterday.

Edward Jones New Venture Awards

1st Place -- Cellect

Kristin Lovejoy

Louis Lupinacci

John Mahaffey

Jeremiah Marks

Jennifer Martin

2nd Place -- BearChat Wireless

Karyn Pearcy

Eugene Perkins

Benjamin Presley

William Price

Melissa Puckett

Amy Potter

3rd Place -- Cellular Styles

Leslie Jones

Michael Kelly

Sunny Kim

Edward Jones Strategy Awards

1st Place Plaques

Sarah Zwernemann

Clint Strickland

Tim Wilkins

Melissa Halland

Bryan Macakanja

2nd Place Plaques

Leah Davis

Ryan Bugh

Joseph Ellis

Paul Wicklund

Chris Adkins

Barry Alsup

3rd Place Plaques

Austin Henderson

Tyler Creasman

Sagar Kamdar

Adam Heldenbrand

Michael Roberts

The contest is sponsored by the Edward Jones company.

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