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The Synergy of S3: Sports, Sponsorships & Sales

Nov. 18, 2003

Sports fans are different. Effective sports marketing starts with understanding the fans. The psychology and behavior of sports fans are different from any other good or service market. Fans buy tickets for different reasons than they buy their groceries. For one thing, you hardly ever see anyone paint their faces and put on caps, jackets and shirts with the name of their favorite grocery store when they go shopping. People going to buy a Harley motorcycle gets close.


Corporate sponsors are the lifeblood of the sports franchise. Teams thrive with their sponsors. Revenue drawn from (1) corporate suite and ticket purchases and (2) corporate sponsorships and media buys are the drivers of today's sports marketplace. Winning covers a multitude of marketing sins. But, successful sports organizations understand how to help corporations achieve measurable business objectives no matter how the team performs. Sports promoters must understand the attributes and benefits of the wide variety of sports products, services, and promotions offered to their sponsorship partners to help both succeed.

Xselling. When sports salespeople learn the X-factor of every sports fan or corporate sponsor, they can Xsell exponentially. At Baylor, you learn what is at the heart of every sale--and the four essential points that guide all successful sales relationships.

S3 majors will take 18 hours of professional selling and promotion for sports classes, including an Ethics of Sports class. Each student will serve two internships in sales & promotion before graduating with a degree in sports, sponsorship & sales. The major will begin accepting applications in the spring of 2004 for its highly selective class. Annual admission to the major is limited to the top 19 students, based on current GPA, Test Scores (ACT/SAT), and demonstrated character, motivation, and commitment to the field of sports, sponsorship & sales. Organizations will demand S3 graduates, because they know that they are getting the top performers in the field.

No other university in the United States, the World, or even Texas, provides professional sales training specifically for sports & sports sponsorships. Only Baylor.

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