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FACULTY: Submit Nominations for Outstanding Faculty Members Now

Feb. 13, 2003

Again this year the Hankamer committee to select outstanding faculty members is seeking nominations for two separate sets of honors. First, are nominations for the university-wide awards that are presented at graduation. These awards include the following categories:

  • Three teaching awards to tenured faculty
  • Teaching award to non-tenured (tenure-track) faculty
  • Lecturer or contract faculty teaching award
  • Four scholarship awards (tenured or non-tenured faculty)
  • Award for "significant contribution to the academic community in ways other than teaching or research"

We have no guarantee that the persons we nominate will be selected because Hankamer nominees must compete for the outstanding teaching awards with faculty from the School of Law and the School of Engineering and Computer Science, and for the other awards with faculty from across the university. That we nominate our best-qualified candidates is very important.

Please decide on your nominee(s) and tell them ASAP that you are nominating them so that they will have time to compile complete information for the School of Business committee by Friday, February 24, 2003. It takes effort to nominate someone; but ask the person whom you are nominating to get the information together for you. Then all that you have to do is write a letter of recommendation to attach to it. If you nominated someone last year who was not chosen, you might consider submitting their materials again this year. Please submit the nomination materials for these awards to me (Box 8004) so that they may be considered first by the Hankamer committee.

The second set of honors, which consists of the Young Researcher Award, the Distinguished Professor Award, and the Outstanding Teaching Award, will be presented at the Hankamer Banquet at the end of the semester (early April this year).

In order for faculty members to be considered for these awards, they must be nominated!! Some outstanding teachers and/or researchers have not been honored in the past because no one has taken the time to nominate them. To nominate someone for the Hankamer Awards, please send to me (Box 8004) the following information about your nominee by February 24, 2003.



Name of Award:  HSOB Young Researcher Award, HSOB Distinguished Professor Award, HSOB Outstanding Teacher Award.

Reason why this person should be honored:  (Include pertinent information such as recent research, teaching, university service, student contacts, community and church service.)

You may submit a nomination for each of these awards. Please make it clear whether you are nominating the person to be honored at graduation (university-wide award) or at the Hankamer School of Business Banquet. Thank you for helping us to honor your deserving colleagues.

For more information contact:   Charles Delaney, 254-710-6140

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