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Eligible Students Can Earn an MBA Healthcare in One Year Through New Pre-Clinical Track

May 22, 2020

The Robbins Institute MBA Healthcare Specialization: Pre-Clinical Track, developed in collaboration with Baylor University's Pre-Health Studies Office, is targeting eligible students who want to become physicians, dentists, veterinarians, physical therapists, nurse practitioners or other advanced clinical professionals. Through this study concentration, students will gain an appreciation for the business of medicine and the management side of healthcare all grounded within Baylor's Christian mission.

"There are so many competing topics in medical school that it is difficult to teach health business topics in a meaningful way," says Forest Kim, MBA Healthcare Program director for the Robbins Institute. "A growing number of physicians are assuming executive roles. They need a certain amount of management skills, training and acumen to run a practice. Even if clinical professionals do not hold an executive position, their involvement in any type of practice requires management competencies."

Flowchart of Pre-Clinical track time

Key Advantages of the Program

The Pre-Clinical Track features a 53-semester-hour, MBA Healthcare curriculum that students can complete in one year. It does not require the external administrative residency necessary in the traditional residency program. The curriculum will foster interactions among future physicians and healthcare administrators to promote greater understanding of each other's roles, creating a powerful network and valuable relationships that can be leveraged in years ahead. Moreover, the Pre-Clinical Track is expected to strengthen a student's unique credentials for applications into advanced clinical programs.

"An MBA in Healthcare is a marketable degree to have," Kim notes. "If a student decides to take a gap year before entering medical school, this MBA could enhance their application packet for a more competitive medical school."

Students taking advantage of this selective MBA concentration will come initially from medical-related disciplines. The Pre-Health Studies and Business Fellows Offices will help identify and recruit candidates prior to starting their advanced clinical training. Kim anticipates enrolling up to 10 students for the first year beginning in mid-July 2020.

"We're pleased with the amount of interest that has been demonstrated from the students here and outside of Baylor. We see tremendous opportunity for growth," he says.

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