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ProSales Team Wins 3rd Place at the 21st Annual National Collegiate Sales Competition

April 29, 2019

By Caroline Mitchell

A ProSales team from the Hankamer School of Business won 3rd place at the 21st Annual National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC) at Kennesaw State University on April 1. The Baylor team competed against 72 universities and 144 students.

Role Play competitors, Abraham Lipets and Emily McCandlish, advanced through three rounds and made it to the Semi-Final Round which included the top 16 out of 144 competitors. The Speed Sell competitors, Nicholas Garza and Jake Regan, advanced to the finals and Regan won 1st place overall.

This team was coached by students Megan Bain, Ben Christie, Anthony Colesante, Bailey Eastman, Josh Lively, Clark Parr, Susan Sullivan and ProSales Program Manager Brianna Hensley.

The participants began three months in advance and committed hours of hard work to prepare for this competition. Regan says he and the other Role Play competitors practiced in different environments with loud noises to simulate distractions found in the real world. He says the goal of the Speed Selling competition is to get an interview with the company to whom the competitors are delivering elevator pitches.

“The fact that I won the overall Speed Selling competition has really enhanced my abilities … [and] the skills needed to sell myself to others,” Regan said.

Regan acknowledges that his winning this competition was a team effort.

The NCSC is the longest running university sales role-play competition. The competition was developed by Terry Loe at Baylor University in 1999. Loe was on the faculty in the sales program for the Marketing Department at Baylor and moved to Kennesaw in the fall of 2002. The competition initially consisted of 13 universities and has grown into the largest competition in the United States in terms of the number of schools that participate. Since the competition began in 1999, students from the United States, Canada, Belgium, Finland and Great Britain have attended and participated in the NCSC.

Loe says the purpose of the NCSC is to bring together the top sales researchers, faculty and instructors to connect and discuss the professional selling profession.

“The NCSC is structured around the idea of bringing all of the best sales programs in the country to one place to compete in this sales role play competition,” Loe said.

Students are given the opportunity to push themselves in tough competition while also forming connections with other sales students as well as industry experts. McCandlish says competing in external sales competitions such as the NCSC is one of her favorite aspects of the Baylor Professional Selling Program and she feels “extremely lucky to be a part of a program that gives [her] these opportunities.”

“We are given the opportunity to travel to a new city, meet new sales students and network with new companies,” McCandlish said. “This competition was a fantastic growing experience for me, as I had to learn how to think more critically, creatively and contextually than I ever had before. After this competition, I feel more prepared than ever to begin a career in sales.”

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