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Baylor Business Fellows Student Creates Podcast for Young Adults: “Yash & Company”

March 19, 2019

By Caroline Mitchell

Yasanka “Yash” Chalasani, a senior Baylor Business Fellow, is sharing his interest in people and learning through his podcast “Yash & Company.”

Chalasani is majoring in Finance with a minor in biochemistry and is a part of the Baylor2Baylor Medical Track Program through which he will attend Baylor College of Medicine after he graduates in May. Through his undergraduate years at Baylor, Chalasani says he has had many experiences which have grown and diversified his interests while expanding his horizons. He has served as an associate at the Baylor Angel Network, an analyst for Bios Partners and co-chair for the American Enterprise Institute’s Executive Council at Baylor.

Through his varied involvement at Baylor, Chalasani says he has had the opportunity to meet many interesting people and have enriching conversations. During his senior year, Chalasani has spoken with numerous young Baylor alumni who have had success in their post-graduate endeavors.

“I felt honored to be having such good conversations and wished there was a way I could share what I was learning with others,” Chalasani said.

This desire to share these conversations and lessons inspired him to launch “Yash & Company.”

A “Yash & Company” episode consists of Chalasani talking with a young professional who has been successful in the early years of his or her profession and discussing what the path has looked like. Chalasani says in his introductory podcast that this could mean talking about daily habits, best practices, philosophies and life hacks. He interviews a variety of people ranging from athletes, individuals on the Forbes’ 30 under 30 list, non-profit founders and entrepreneurs.

Chalasani says his key goal for the podcast is for listeners to be inspired by each individual on the show. He says the conversations he has with these people keep him on his toes and inspire him to keep moving forward with his goals. He finds these young professionals to be relatable and inspiring.

“These people are doing those things that I want to do and the conversations keep me inspired to work harder and dream bigger,” Chalasani said. “It is so great that I get to share these conversations with other people.”

The Hankamer School of Business has prepared Chalasani well for his future endeavors and he is excited to apply what he has learned in the classroom while promoting and growing “Yash & Company.”

“I am hoping to directly apply the things I have learned in the business school through the podcast,” he said.

Chalasani says he has learned a lot in the business school because the professors challenge students to look at real-world examples and learn from them. He also plans to use marketing strategies for his podcast that he has learned in the classroom. Through his time with the Baylor Angel Network, Chalasani has been able to learn about the challenges and struggles startups are facing which has prepared him for the early stages of his podcast. He says he knows it can be difficult for a podcast startup, but he is in it for the long haul as he heads to medical school.

“In order to create a large-scale impact, you have to do things that are outside the status quo,” Chalasani said.

“Yash & Company” is a weekly podcast and can be found on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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