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Entrepreneurship Professor Receives Outstanding Faculty Award

June 26, 2018

Peter Klein

By Ally Peters

Peter Klein is one of eleven Outstanding Faculty Award winners for the 2017-2018 academic year, and he is recognized for his accomplishments in the area of scholarship.

Every year, Outstanding Faculty Awards honor professors in the areas of teaching, contributions to the academic community, and scholarship. These awards are presented to faculty members who have demonstrated excellence in teaching, research, service to the University, involvement with students and community and church service.

“The outstanding research award is indicative of someone being one of the top scholars,” said Cindy Riemenschneider, Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development. She said that this award is competitive because there are so many distinguished professors across the University.

“It’s of course a thrill to receive an Outstanding Faculty Award because these awards come from my peers. This university is filled with outstanding researchers in many fields, at different career stages, and with different styles and it’s terrific to be a part of it all, let alone to be recognized for one’s own accomplishments,” said Klein.

Klein researches entrepreneurship theory and the relationships among entrepreneurship, innovation, business strategy, and public policy. He focuses on understanding what entrepreneurs do and how they make judgments about the future.

“I see the entrepreneur as a creator, a builder, an initiator, someone who risks her capital, her knowledge, and her reputation to pursue a business idea,” said Klein. “The world is uncertain and the main role of the entrepreneur is to bear that uncertainty – either earning profits or losses in the bargain – so you and I don’t have to!”

Klein’s research has been published extensively in the top journals in his field and he has presented his work at universities around the world. At Baylor, Klein is the W. W. Caruth Chair, a Senior Research Fellow for the Baugh Center for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise, and the director of the Ph.D. program for the Entrepreneurship department.

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