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Architectural Lighting Names Baylor University’s Business School Campus Recipient of Daylighting Award

Sept. 5, 2017

By Dresden Hale and Eleanor Hunt

Architectural Lighting magazine has awarded Baylor University’s Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation with the 2017 AL Design Award for Best Use of Daylighting.

The Foster Campus was one of 14 projects chosen as the best of the best from an international pool of 159 entries, the largest number of entries the awards program had received in its 14-year history. The winners showcased a unique understanding and utilization of lighting as well as expert technical skill.

The business school was completed through collaboration between the
University and outside firms. Overland Partners, based out of San Antonio, was the architectural firm. The lighting designer was Lam Partners from Cambridge, Mass. The lighting team that worked on the project consisted of Paul Zaferiou, Justin Brown and Kera Lagios.

For the team, using daylight was a tricky task due to the intensity of Texas heat. Their goal was to provide as much natural light in the building throughout the year without causing discomfort. The team made use of computer animated and scale models of the building to explore how daylight would travel in the building.

Through their time, hard work and dedication, the team was able to map a way to harness the light. They decided to sky-light the atrium and optimize the amount of light with minimal apertures.

Execution of their plans resulted in a sustainable, energy-efficient building that is functional and beautiful. AL agrees - with jury comments such as “strategic use of daylighting to enhance the space,” and “expertly done and well thought out.”

The optimization of daylight has provided a habitable and useful space for students. But the lighting in the building is more than a technical accomplishment. For the Foster campus, lighting also holds a symbolic meaning.

“Light as a concept within the context of a Christian university has real power and it’s a part of the quality of life and human habitation. It’s also metaphorically related to the creator. Jesus was the light of the world and so to do a building that doesn’t welcome light misses that central value of Baylor’s culture,” said Richard Archer, CEO of Overland Partners and Principal-in-Charge for the project.

Architectural Lighting Magazine covers industry news, cutting edge design projects, products, and technology for architectural and lighting professionals. This year’s jury consisted of top industry professionals Kelly Roberts, Gregory Hoss, Rhomney Forbes-Gray, and Ronald Kurtz.

Details are at the AL website, or watch a video of award winners.

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