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Students Earn Certified Treasury Professional Designation

March 26, 2013

By Courtney Roberts

In the fall semester, five students in Susan Etheredge's Short Term Financial Management class committed to participate in weekly study sessions to earn the Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) designation. Etheredge is part of the Corporate Treasury Management program offered by the Association for Financial Professionals that allows students enrolled in her class to take the CTP professional certification exam and become certified while still a student.

In January, Cody Veit, Taylor Criswell, Andrew Masotta, Brett Hampson, and Rachel Koester took and passed the exam. "This is the first time I've had so many that were so dedicated," said Etheredge.

The students now hold the CTPA certification-Certified Treasury Professional Associate. CTPAs have five years to get two years of work experience in any of the areas tested on the exam before transitioning to a full CTP.

In preparation for the exam, students met once a week for an hour and half to go over the AFP's "Essentials of Treasury Management," which is the body of knowledge from which the exam is drawn. During each review session, the students are responsible for presenting and reviewing the material. Earning the CTP credential gives students an advantage in corporate finance, treasury, or banking careers.

"I read through the Essentials of Treasury Management book three full times plus additional studying for the more difficult chapters. The material was difficult - especially for students. I feel that it is a great conversation starter in an interview and sets me apart from my non-certified peers," said Hampson.

According to CTP's website, "By earning the CTP credential, you achieve industry-wide recognition, become more competitive, and create more opportunities for career advancement. Since 1986, more than 15,000 treasury professionals, educators, bankers, and other providers of cash and treasury management services have earned the prestigious certification."

"Professor Etheredge is great. We wouldn't have stood a chance without her. She did a good job of preparing us," said Criswell.

"She was a big reason for our success. I believe that the CTP designation is the 'gold standard' of corporate treasury and it will be a powerful statement on my resume," said Veit.

Earning the CTP credential often leads to earning higher salaries, increased job security, and greater career flexibility. For further information about the Association for Financial Professionals, visit

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