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Alumnus Celebrates 'Year of the Bear' with Commemorative Poster

Sept. 17, 2012

Year of the Bear

By Sara Tirrito

The 2011-2012 'Year of the Bear' athletics season has come to a close, but one Baylor alumnus has created a commemorative poster for any fans who want to hang on to the memories for years to come.

'93 graduate and former Baylor football player Trey Weir came up with the poster idea when Robert Griffin III won the Heisman Trophy in December, but as Baylor's athletes kept bringing home wins, the poster theme broadened.

"The core thread of the poster is the NCAA record that the four teams [football, baseball, and men's and women's basketball] set...for most wins at 129," Weir said. "That's the main kind of thread of the poster that you see with all the icons that surround the illustration."

The poster's main illustration shows athletes representing each of the four teams in front of a Baylor-esque background, in which other Baylor symbols (like RGIII's Superman socks and Judge Baylor) are hidden.

"We appreciate Trey's work to create a unique poster that salutes the Year of the Bear, and specifically, the winningest year in college sports history produced by our football, men's and women's basketball, and baseball teams during the 2011-12 academic year," Nick Joos, Baylor Executive Associate Athletic Director for External Affairs, said in an email. "This poster not only features a timeline commemorating the NCAA record for wins by those four programs, but it also highlights many recognizable campus icons which our fans will enjoy."

Though many fans expect the four athletes to depict specific Baylor team members, Weir said he purposely planned for them to look generic.

This was largely in reaction to coaches' and athletes' assessment of their accomplishments.

"They'll all tell you that they did it as a team," Weir said. "It's a representation of what the whole team accomplished."

Weir asked cartoonist Jim Hunt to illustrate the poster, knowing he could give it a caricature feel that would resonate with fans of the Southwest Conference football program covers of the 70s and 80s but also would appeal to children.

Currently, the posters can only be purchased through Trey Weir Media online at, but Weir hopes to make them available in Waco for parent's weekend and homecoming. They cost $15.

Weir said he plans to do a final printing of the poster before December, and does not plan to reprint in the spring or come out with any other Year of the Bear merchandise.

"We're trying to run a pretty fine balance," Weir said. "The Year of the Bear was last year, but we just want to make sure that the kids that are out there and laying it on the line every year, that we're not disrespecting what they're doing this year."

Though this is the first piece of merchandise Trey Weir Media has sold, as the company is largely focused on digital content production and media consulting, Weir said he got his "true entrepreneurial start as a freshman at Baylor."

In 1988, President Ronald Reagan's visit to Baylor gave Weir the impetus to start a business printing custom T-shirts. He kept the business going for four years.

"This [poster] project was fun on several levels," Weir said. "First of all, because it's Baylor I love to do stuff that surrounds Baylor. And then of course it reminded me of my first entrepreneurial adventure at Baylor. To say that I'm a big Baylor fan, that's an accurate statement."

So far, Weir has sold more than 1,000 posters.

In an effort to create a "digital scrapbook," Weir said he hopes customers will Tweet photos of themselves with their poster and the hashtag #TreyWeirMedia or post the photo to Facebook and tag Trey Weir Media.

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