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Small Businesses, Banks Have Mixed Reaction To Obama Incentive Plan (In the News) 1/31/2010
Fewer Businesses Willing to Subsidize Employees' Educations (In the News) 1/29/2010
2010 Davidson Award Goes To Baylor Professor for Best Article 1/28/2010
Baylor University Now Accepting Nominations for Texas Family Business of the Year 1/28/2010
Baylor University Professor Recognized by Peers at USASBE for Efforts in Entrepreneurship 1/28/2010
Texas Family Business of the Year - Texas Barber Colleges & Hairstyling Schools (Audio) 1/28/2010
Team Official Foresees Success For Pro Soccer In Phila (In the News) 1/25/2010
This Month in the Life of Benjamin Franklin - Late January (Audio) 1/22/2010
Baylor University's xTAX Team Top 5 in the Nation 1/21/2010
Hankamer School of Business Welcomes New Career Coach 1/21/2010
Home Construction experiencing Rebound Locally, Nationwide (In the News) 1/21/2010
Pennsylvanians Gamble Closer To Home (In the News) 1/19/2010
Greg Brenneman, Chairman of CCMP Capital, Speaks to Baylor MBA Students (Video) 1/14/2010
Can You Outsmart the Market? (In the News) 1/13/2010
The People's Interest (In the News) 1/12/2010
University of Texas at Dallas Starts Up Masters In Entrepreneurship (In the News) 1/11/2010
Local Cities Hope For Better News - And Bigger Checks - From Sales Taxes Next Month (In the News) 1/9/2010
World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth, in Cooperation with Hankamer School of Business, Presents Several Speakers 1/7/2010
New Year's Resolutions Can Protect Assets (In the News) 1/6/2010
This Month in the Life of Benjamin Franklin - Early January 1/6/2010
Do The Big Numbers Outweigh The Small Ones? (In the News) 1/2/2010
Financial Resolutions Should Include Four Savings Goals (In the News) 1/2/2010
Technology Entrepreneurship Initiative Promotes Experiential Learning (BBR) 1/1/2010

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