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What is an early-career MBA?

Early-career MBA students tend to have one to two years of professional work experience before coming into the program. Traditionally, MBA programs require several years of experience and because of that, there are very few quality, top-tier MBA programs in the US that offer an exceptional MBA for students with minimal professional work experience. Not only does Baylor have an early-career MBA option, but the program has curated a specific set of tools and experiences that prepare our early-career graduates to enter their careers with an exceptional MBA in hand.

Why an early-career MBA?

While starting an MBA program with several years of experience has its clear advantages, earning an MBA early on carries certain advantages as well. Getting your MBA several years earlier means jump-starting your career by getting more post-MBA experience under your belt several years sooner.

  1. Early-career MBA grads average a much higher starting salary than someone starting their career with just a bachelor's degree.
  2. By starting your post-MBA career earlier and with a higher starting salary, you increase your lifetime earning potential exponentially. (Tip: You'll learn about Time Value of Money while in the program.)
  3. By graduating with your MBA earlier, you will have more time to recoup any out-of-pocket costs of an MBA.
  4. Enrolling in Baylor's Full-Time MBA program in such close proximity to your undergraduate experience means starting while you're still in—or not too far removed from being in—a student mindset. Being out for several years can mean that you will need to relearn effective study habits.
  5. Get more career development, experiential learning, and hands-on project management experience that will make you more competitive and marketable once you're ready for that first job or to take your career up a few notches.
  6. Having an MBA means you'll have a stronger resume and employers will quickly see that you are serious about your career. Earning your MBA sends a signal to recruiters that you are intentional, strategic, and committed to your career. This can help offset a lack of professional work experience.

What makes Baylor's Full-Time MBA so successful at graduating early-career MBA grads?

We have admitted a younger student population into our Full-Time MBA for several years. Molding and preparing younger MBA candidates for their first or second professional job is something we have perfected over time.
Our Full-Time MBA faculty brings industry experience and research into the classroom to help students without professional experience make the connection between the curriculum and the practical application of the concepts. Our faculty excels at helping younger students make these connections.
Career Development
Baylor's Career Center has a team of professionals who are embedded within the program and work closely and proactively with our MBA students. These deeply-experienced advisors excel at teaching a career strategy class to equip our students for job/internship searches, interviewing preparation, resume critiquing and more. All quality MBA programs offer some form of career development, but our Career Center team is uniquely qualified to help connect the dots between undergrad, the MBA program and that first big job offer! For an example of how our Career Center helps prepare early-career MBA students to launch their careers, take a look at this quick read about personal branding using LinkedIn by Baylor Career Center's Kaytlin Suarez. You can also learn more about our Career Center team, average starting salaries and internship opportunities on our career management page.
Just like we have faculty and career professionals who are experienced in supporting our early career students, we have a diverse pool of organizations and companies who have hired our students time and time again. Many of our employers have expressed that they love recruiting MBA students from Baylor specifically because they like hiring our well-equipped, younger MBA grads.

We have hands-on projects and practical, resume-building experiences woven throughout the curriculum to give students opportunities to lean into and learn from. Despite not having extensive experience in the field, our students are not short on experience as they enter the workforce once they graduate. Below are a few of the opportunities available to students during the program:

  • Career treks across the state and a week-long Leadership Summit in NYC or attendance at ACHE's Congress on Healthcare Leadership.
  • A transformative global management experience by way of an international trip to Latin America. Students will travel to Costa Rica in 2022.
  • Leadership opportunities within the Graduate Business Association and the Adam Smith Society.
  • Volunteer with the Prison Entrepreneurship Program.
  • Portfolio Management Practicum allows you to manage a real investment portfolio valued at $10.5 million!
  • Case Competitions: Baylor MBA is the reigning champion of the 2022 Big 12 Case Competition!
  • Focus Firm classes allow our students to work directly with executives on real-world business problems and issues to get practical experience working on actual projects. Past projects have found students paired with Fortune 500 companies such as 7-11, Lockheed Martin, Nike, and Coca-Cola.
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Early-Career MBA Article

Take a moment to read through this short article that features early-career MBA alum, Michael Scott. Michael discusses how the early-career MBA has prepared him for a quick launch of his post-program career.

Earl-Career Webinar

In this previously recorded webinar, Baylor MBA joins BusinessBecause to discuss the advantages of earning an MBA early in one's career. Learn from a panel comprised of Baylor Career Center's Amine Qourzal, Associate Dean Dr. Patsy Norman, and Baylor early-career MBA alumna Abigail (Tisdale) Walker. We also welcome Marissa Davenport who recruits Baylor's early-career MBA grads to join Neighborly, the world's largest home services franchisor that services 8.9 million+ customers!


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