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Student Resources


Program Resources

  • Scholarships
    Scholarships available to Marketing, Professional Selling or Sports Strategy and Sales majors.
  • Undergraduate Advisement
    Advising resources for undergraduate Marketing students

Career Development

Resources devoted to job and internship placement

  • Marketing Internship Program
    The marketing internship program is a mentored work experience for undergraduate marketing students.
  • Professional Development Program (PDP)
    The PDP is a student-run program with a series of events designed to facilitate learning opportunities outside of the classroom, and to prepare students for a successful college-to-career transition.

General Resources

Student Organizations

  • American Marketing Association
    The AMA offers members opportunities to be recognized for excellence and assist in the growth of your professional development through scholarships, awards and competitions.
  • S3 Club
    The S3 Club focuses on bringing internship and career opportunities and knowledge to students interested in sports and sports-related careers. The S3 Club is open to majors and non-majors alike.
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