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The Baylor Marketing department offers a variety of learning opportunities each tailored to meet specific career goals. Within Marketing you can choose from five different program options, as well as the option to minor in Nonprofit Studies for non-business students.

  • Marketing

    This is our core Marketing Major. Choosing this option allows you to narrow your studies to your desired career goals in Marketing. You can combine courses from areas such as Marketing, Advertising, Consumer Behavior, or Professional Selling to become a generalist in Marketing Management. In addition to the core marketing major is the option to combine the major with a track in Nonprofit and Social Enterprise Marketing.
  • Nonprofit and Social Enterprise Marketing

    Nonprofit Marketing is a specialized track option within the marketing major, and is designed to prepare you to lead nonprofit organizations and for-profit social enterprise initiatives. Students are challenged to work with local nonprofits and large multinational organizations to use their business skills to help find solutions to pressing societal issues.
  • Professional Selling

    Professional Selling is a major offered within the Marketing Department that will equip you with core skills involved in selling, managing and growing long-term customer relationships. Additional focus is placed on sales force management and leadership, negotiating and strategic decision-making.
  • Sports Sponsorship and Sales

    Sports Sponsorship and Sales (S3) is a major offered within the Marketing Department that will train you in the fundamentals of selling as it relates to professional and collegiate athletic programs. The major focuses on teaching you to develop relationships based on listening, trust, mutual respect and the well being of clients and customers.
  • Nonprofit Marketing Minor

    The Nonprofit Marketing Minor is program is designed specifically for non-business students who wish to give themselves a foundation in nonprofit leadership.
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