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Who joins the S3 Club? If you just love sports or are interested in a career working in sports, you should join the S3 Club. You don't have to be an S3 major or want to major in S3.

What does the S3 Club do? Each month we have a speaker from professional sports teams or sports-related companies. These executives tell their stories and explain how to succeed in the industry. You get a chance to personally talk with people like Donnie Nelson (GM, Dallas Mavericks), Jeannette Salas (HR Director, Houston Texans), Murray Cohn (head of recruiting employees for the NBA), and many more. Part of the reason they are coming here is to recruit our outstanding Baylor students. Each of these has connections to jobs at their organizations and freely share the information with our club members.

Can the S3 Club help me get a job in sports? We will share internship and job opportunities among our 50+ pro teams and corporations on our advisory board exclusively with club members. The teams on our board guarantee internships and job interviews for S3 majors, but they also make available other options for those wanting to work in sports marketing, finance, HR, game operations, and other areas. Often these jobs are filled before official postings. So, you can get on the inside by being in the S3 Club.

How do I join? Complete this application and return it to Dr. Darryl Lehnus (HSB 223, Marketing Department) with $25. You may join anytime during the year.

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