McBride Center for International Business

Faculty-Led Programs

For these programs, Baylor faculty members and students travel together to international sites that relate to their subjects of study. These programs are particularly attractive to students who have limited travel experience, and to those who appreciate the simplicity, support, security, and companionship of a Baylor group.  In some cases (such as the Maastricht program), courses may be taken both from the Baylor faculty member and from the professors in the countries visited.  Application for these programs is handled through the Baylor offices that administer them. Costs of the program will usually include Baylor tuition, travel expenses, and a program fee that will cover housing and a range of other expenses.

Summer Baylor Faculty-Led Programs

Africa: Social Entrepreneurship in Africa
China: i5 program in Shanghai
Dominican Republic: Baylor in the Dominican Republic 
Europe: Baylor European Business Seminar 
Europe: European Entrepreneurship Experience  
UK/England: Baylor in Great Britain 

 Semester Baylor Faculty-Led Programs

Netherlands: Baylor in Maastricht



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