McBride Center for International Business


Today, the Hankamer School of Business offers 19 major fields of study for the BBA degree and 11 graduate degree programs. The needs, expectations, and requirements for international education are somewhat different in each of these majors and programs. In general, though, global issues are gaining wider and deeper attention in our academic curricula.


Today the marketplace is described in global terms, and the American business community has expanded its horizons correspondingly. As a result, the BBA in International Business has taken on new importance as it prepares graduates for dealing with the new business environment. Through the courses they take, students learn how to apply the theories and policies of accounting, economics, marketing, finance, and management to business problems on a global level. International business career opportunities can be found in the energy industry, commercial banking, business consulting, multinational corporations, and various government agencies.

In addition to the BBA in International Business degree, Baylor has recently added new majors that incorporate language fluency into a BBA. Students can now choose to add a second major in Business French, Business German, Business Russian and Business Spanish.


Baylor University offers several options for students pursuing graduate degrees with International emphasis. Academic programs leading to the Master of Science in International Economics is designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of the unique challenges in dealing with world economies and prepare them for a wide range of careers in business, government, international organizations, and academic institutions. An International Business specialization was later created for the MBA program that gives an in-depth understanding of business enterprises in a global market. Courses provide study in international relations, politics and government as well as business fundamentals, such as the integrative core MBA courses. Proficiency in a foreign language must be shown before graduation.

The Executive MBA program was created in 1991 and is designed for full-time working students who hold management-level positions with their respective firms. This program was created with two specific international courses-Analysis of National and Global Business Decisions and Global Strategic Management-and the program generally includes a study-abroad experience.

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