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MBA Program Adjusts Core Curriculum in Fall 2006

May 24, 2006

This fall will arrive by greeting incoming and returning MBA's with a fresh new look at the program's core curriculum. Throughout the spring 2006 semester, the core faculty studied ways in which to support the final semester students' needs for elective diversity as well as to offer an exciting and enduring focus firm experience.

After intensive study, which included input through student exit surveys, it was decided that the first semester focus firm will now become a communications module. The focus firm experience will now find its place in the second semester of the core curriculum, and the third semester will now include an additional elective offering for the soon to graduate student.

Previously, the focus firm was an every semester look at a specific company's current issues with students researching and responding with in-depth research and the resulting group presentations. Now students will find that the completion of their first semester core coursework will prepare them for their second semester-only experience of detailed study into a focus firm experience.

Also changed will be the placement of the Organizational Behavior and Operations Management courses. These 3-hour core courses will switch their positions in the first and second semester lockstep offerings. Since the Organizational Behavior course includes a hands-on company component, it was deemed to be useful in the first semester student's curriculum and the Operations Management component would work well by being nested into the second semester curriculum.

Students in their final core semester will have the freedom of choosing a third sought-after elective or repeating the focus firm experience with that semester's different company. Students may find that their final semester partnering company is just too hard to resist, but, if not, then they have a third elective offering ready for their selection.

This additional elective selection will allow students to respond to an ever-changing employment market which may request diverse academic knowledge from its interviewing applicants. The ability to have an option in selection will allow the students the freedom of structuring their elective knowledge for their own needs.

"Thus, our curriculum will enable students to tailor their electives in a way that will be consistent with the position and company they are pursuing for employment" said Gary Carini, Associate Dean for Graduate Business Programs.

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