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Diversity Celebration within the Baylor MBA

March 21, 2006

Hankamer School of Business is taking its diversity celebration to a new height. Traditional donut hour, a social event for faculty and graduate business students which takes place every Wednesday from 9:30-10 a.m in the Business School's graduate lounge, is now becoming global. It also promotes better understanding among students and professors which will aid the learning process considerably.

Intl FoodInitiated and funded by the Graduate Business Association (GBA), the international food fest features a new country every other Wednesday during donut hour. International students prepare samples of their home countries' culinary dishes. They also offer snapshots of their cultures, customs and values in a presentation that is just long enough to provide their professors and fellow students a sneak peek into what their countries have to offer. Pittaya Techarungnirun, Lockstep 1 student from Thailand, said in excitement, "Thailand is known as 'the land of smile'. It is a beautiful country, a haven for nature lovers. Not many speak English and yet they are so friendly that they will make you feel right at home."

Internally, initiatives such as this help engage international students in the creation of Hankamer's culture, one that not only is conscious of differences across various ethnic backgrounds but also insists on instilling mutual respect and appreciation of uniqueness as core values. They also promote better understanding among students, students and professors which will aid the learning process considerably.

Intl Food 2On a macro-level, the initiative helps reinforce international students' aspiration to bring back and apply what they have learned from Baylor's Business School for the advancement of their home countries' social and economic development. While the experience contributes to intriguing curiosity, it also encourages our graduate students to explore a new window of opportunity worldwide, to tap into the global job market, and to map the international business landscape. Ultimately, we hope to develop global versus local business thinkers who will prevail in our world of globalization.

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