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MBA Students Have Co-Authored Articles Published

Nov. 16, 2005

Kara Borgmeyer and Leslie Brocato, two MBA candidates who are specializing in healthcare administration, recently had co-authored articles published. Borgmeyer's article, Telemedicine: The Future of Cost Efficient (forthcoming) was published in the International Journal of Electronic Healthcare, while Brocato's What is a Chief Privacy Officer? An Analysis Based on Mintzberg's Taxonomy of Managerial Roles was published in The Communications of the Association for Information Systems. Co-authors for both articles are Dr. Tim Kayworth, associate professor of information systems, and Dr. Dwayne Whitten, former visiting assistant professor of information systems, who is now a faculty member at Texas A&M University.

Both Bormeyer and Brocato discussed the background leading to the publication of their articles.

Baylor Business: How did you get involved writing your paper?

LB: I originally wrote the paper for Dr. Kayworth's ISY class, leveraging research completed in my undergraduate information systems work.

KB: This paper began as an assignment in Dr. Kayworth's ISY class. We were asked to pick a topic on a particular field that had some information systems component and write about the history, its future, and any other significant facts, opinions, etc. that we wanted to include. Because of my interest in healthcare, I wanted to write about something that was on the cutting edge of technology being used in major healthcare systems.

Baylor Business: What assistance did you have in researching and/or writing the paper?

KB: After my initial paper was turned in to Dr. Kayworth for the class grade, he approached me regarding the possibility of publishing the article. He along with Dwayne Whitten helped me edit the paper and offered suggestions for incorporating the additional research that they did in order to enhance the paper and to make it publishable quality.

LB: I did all of the data gathering portion of the research, including interviews with CPOs of three major, international organizations. Drs. Kayworth and Whitten applied Mintzberg's models to parallel my research. I wrote the original paper, with a great deal of tweaking from my co-authors, including the introduction of Mintzberg's model, who I had not studied before.

Baylor Business: Where did the idea of your paper originate?

KB: Telemedicine is about as cutting edge as you can get as it allows physicians to practice medicine all over the globe, especially in rural areas. It is my career aspiration to work in rural healthcare and to ensure that those individuals receive the same quality care as those who, let's say, get their care in places such as the Texas Medical Center. Therefore, knowing about telemedicine and how it can help to ensure such care in rural areas was critical to my understanding how I will be able to impact the lives of those in rural areas.

LB: Undergraduate work - I was attempting to find out more about the growing role of privacy in business, with increased regulation and consumer awareness, and also increased instance of identity theft. This need was obviously strong enough that organizations were, for the first time, creating senior executive level positions dedicated to privacy. I wanted to find out why organizations thought they needed this position, and what comprised the roles and duties of these executives.

Baylor Business: How has the experience enhanced your MBA program?

KB: It has shown me that working professionals often collaborate on many different projects, including papers and articles. In addition it has helped to strengthen my resume to help me be more marketable to employers when graduation rolls around this coming May. Hard work and going the extra mile to produce high quality materials truly does pay off.

LB: It has allowed me to collaborate with my professors in a new way, in addition to enriching my education with both theories and practical concepts complementary to my Baylor coursework.

To read an abstract of Brocato's article, click here.

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