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Baylor MBA April Mollerberg places 3rd in national case study competition

March 7, 2005

Lockstep 2 MBA student April Mollerberg took third place for her paper titled "United States Postal Service: Lessons in Crisis Communication" in the 2005 Case Study Competition in Corporate Communications sponsored by the Arthur W. Page Society and the Institute for Public Relations.

"Participating in the national competition was a rewarding experience." Mollerberg said. "Since this is Baylor's first time to compete, I am happy that we did so well."

Mollerberg, AprilThe Arthur W. Page Society is a select membership organization for senior public relations and corporate communications executives. According to a March 2 press release by the Page society, Thomas R. Martin, senior vice president - corporate relations at ITT Industries and president of the Page Society, said "the aim of the competition is to encourage future business leaders to understand the methods of communication and reputation management challenges that will confront these leaders in their careers and to develop an appreciation for employing the principles of effective public relations strategies in meeting those challenges."

Dr. Anne Grinols, assistant dean for the graduate business programs and professor for the business communication course, worked with Mollerberg throughout the competition.

"April took a creative approach: instead of focusing on a company that was in crisis due to its failings, she highlighted the successful response of the U. S. Postal Service to a crisis situation not of its causing: the anthrax scare following 911," Grinols said. "Taking the reader through the events, the Postal Service's reactions, and the outcomes, she was both thorough and convincing in her description and observations."

According to Grinols, most case competitions involve analyzing and presenting a case someone else wrote. In the Page Communication Case Competition, students write the case, create the powerpoint and develop teaching notes but do not present. Students have only their creative thinking and writing ability to convey the key issues and communication principles involved.

"We saw both qualities in abundance in our Baylor MBA students, and offered them the opportunity to participate," Grinols explained. "April, Joanna Menendez, Misti Gilmore, and Cory Webb took on the challenge, working through their Christmas break, supporting each other as Baylor MBAs do so well, with wonderful results. We recognize the collaborative efforts of all four of them as we celebrate April's outstanding success."

This year's competition had a record number of entries from around the world. The grand prize went to Tuck School at Dartmouth, the nation's top ranked school in Business Communication. The 1st prize in the business-school category went to the University of Virginia, and the 2nd prize went to Notre Dame.

To read the Page Society press release concerning the competition, please see

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