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Rick Schulze

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Rick Schulze is Regional Manager for International Trade Programs, for Texas and Louisiana and works out of the United States Export Assistance Center (USEAC) in Grapevine, Texas. Mr. Schulze is a U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) employee, reporting to SBA's Office of International Trade in Washington D.C. He is a Trade Finance Specialist and Senior International Trade Credit officer. Mr. Schulze handle's SBA's specialty loan programs for American exporters. His duties include training Lenders to use SBA's guaranty trade finance loan programs, marketing to lenders and borrowers, and underwriting loans in Texas and Louisiana. The export loan programs provide small business exporters with working capital to perform on export transactions and/or finance existing foreign receivables. Mr. Schulze has held his current position for over 13 years. Previously, he worked for 15 years in the SBA's Office of Disaster Assistance, where he was Assistant Director for Loan Processing in the Area 3 Office. Mr. Schulze has an economics degree from the University of California at Irvine and pursued graduate studies at the University of Arizona in Finance.

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