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GBF 2018: Trade Integration in the Americas

Global Business Forum

Trade Integration in the Americas

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On November 5-6, 2018, the McBride Center hosted a Texas Conference on International Business and Economics and a Policy Forum on “Trade Integration in the Americas.”

In 1989, the first university conference on prospects for a North American free-trade agreement was held at Baylor University. Since that time, we have hosted three other conferences on trade in the Americas, and Baylor hosted a summit of the leaders of the U.S. Canada, and Mexico in 2005. After 30 years of academic discussion and official negotiation, however, the Western Hemisphere has never agreed on a broad framework for cooperation, and NAFTA has recently been the subject of difficult negotiations. What is the current landscape of Trade Integration in the Americas? What could be gained from a broader system of cooperation? What major issues and obstacles must be be addressed? These and other questions were addressed by public and private officials at our policy forum.

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