Baylor Business Fellows

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Baylor Business Fellows Program

Baylor Business Fellows is a unique BBA major that embraces your genuine intellectual curiosity allowing you to combine business with other fields of study.

If you are a high-ability student with career goals not easily met through a traditional four-year degree program, apply to be a Baylor Business Fellow.

Though not a requirement, most Business Fellows have a:

  • SAT Math/Verbal score of 1430 (on the new SAT, taken on or after March 2016) or above
  • ACT Composite score of 32 or above
  • High Class Ranking (top three percent)
  • National Merit Status

Inside the Program

Baylor Business Review Cover

Feature article in the Baylor Business Review on the Fellows program and the experiences of actual students.

Design Your Own

The Baylor Business Fellows major is your opportunity to:

  • Immerse yourself in multiple fields of study
  • Combine a business degree with your pre-medical or pre-law studies
  • Receive individualized guidance to meet your career goals
  • Have the flexibility to adapt as your career goals evolve
  • Learn a foreign language and study abroad
  • Take the challenging courses earlier
  • Join a scholarly cohort
  • Create a goal-driven, customized degree plan that maximizes your marketability when you graduate

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