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What is STEP?
The Institute for Family Business at Baylor University is one of only ten institutions in North America acting as an affiliate with the international research program known as STEP. The Successful Transgenerational Entrepreneurship Practices (STEP) program is a comprehensive research initiative focused on gaining insight into the structure and practices of family-owned businesses that have survived multiple succession events. Using a combination of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, STEP seeks to uncover deeper understanding of the successful practices of family firms from around the globe. The program applies the rigor of cutting edge research methods with the relevance of comprehensive case study.

As a Regional Coordinator, the Institute for Family Business coordinates the efforts of scholars from other universities around the region.

Faculty Involvement
The Baylor University faculty has long been known for excellent education and high impact research in the area of family business. The faculty is devoted to raising the visibility of family business as an important area of entrepreneurship research.

Each year the faculty participates in annual conferences such as the United States Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE), the Family Firm Institute (FFI), the Academy of Management (AOM), and the Family Enterprise Research Council (FERC). Additionally, Baylor is home to Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, the leading journal of entrepreneurship in the nation.

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