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The mission of the Institute for Family Business is to: "Promote the tenets of Firm-Family-Faith through rigorous scholarly research, transformational student learning, and engaged Christian fellowship between family owned businesses and Baylor University."

Rigorous scholarly research involves the interaction of faculty and graduate students in the creation of knowledge through premier qualitative and quantitative scholarly activity to contribute to family business research and to inform the family business practice. Transformational student learning involves the dissemination of created knowledge in a formal classroom environment, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, to transform the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom of Baylor students with respect to family business. Engaged Christian fellowship involves relationship building between members of the family business community and Baylor University to promote interactive learning and fellowship while exchanging best practice ideas.

Faith, Firm and Family Venn

To promote the message of Firm-Family-Faith, the Institute for Family Business uses seminal works with current empirical findings to test and expand our understanding of family enterprise. For Firm, we seek best practices from industry and academic research on how excellent businesses run, family or non-family. For Family, our focus is on building, maintaining, and repairing relationships that govern inter and intra family dynamics while establishing procedural means to enable those relationships to flourish. For Faith, we rigorously explore how scripture and the tenets of our belief inform our practices within the family, the marketplace, and specifically within our family enterprise. We seek to purge both dogma from principle, and persecution from dialogue. In other words, we avoid denominational bickering, yet embrace the importance of faith in the workplace.

If these areas concern you, your family, or your family business, be sure to explore the entirety of our website, look for current updates on our Twitter feed, @BaylorFamilyBiz, or contact us via email at FamilyBusiness@baylor.edu.

If you prefer, you may contact the Director via email at Bill_Worthington@baylor.edu. We live for fellowship within the world of family business and look forward to having that conversation with you!

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