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Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation

Student Engagement with TE

Baylor Business Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation

TE welcomes students campus wide, from undergraduate to post-doc, to engage and participate in the program.

Technology Entrepreneurship Class (ENT 4340/5341)
This is a project-based class working toward the advancement of Baylor-developed technologies from the lab to the marketplace. The final presentations will be presented to the VC firm (WAVE), which has invested in and created companies around three TE innovations within the last 18 months.

Project Examples

  • Using X-Rays to increase biofuel production by algae
  • Coronal Reactor for converting waste light hydrocarbons into heavier fuels
  • Intravenous Oximeter
  • A more efficient and quieter propeller
  • Solar Thermal Energy Storage (high-temp chemical)
  • Calf Simulator for Training Ropers
  • Surgical Drains
  • Student Innovations

Topics for the Class

  • The Technology Commercialization Valley of Death
  • Understanding the Importance of IP for Society and Wealth Creation
  • Dissection and interpreting patents strategically
  • Diffusion of Innovations
  • Broad Competitive Assessments, both at the product level and the technology level: the people, the companies, the funders
  • How early stage, deep tech Investment works
  • Valuation of pre-revenue and pre-development technologies

Undergraduate Scholarships Available for 2021-2022 Academic Year
Deadline for application is October 1, 2021.
Scholarship awards will be determined October 15, 2021.

Business Students:
$7,000 Ellisor Scholarship (one scholarship available, $3,500 per semester)

Business OR Engineering & Computer Science Students: 
$7,000 Stanley, Mike, and Darren Craig Scholarship (four scholarships available, $3,500 per semester)

Students interested in scholarships should request an application via email to

TE Internships
For more information on TE internship opportunities, please visit the Internship page.

Technology Entrepreneurship Certificate 
For Engineering and Computer Science Majors

The Technology Entrepreneurship Certificate creates opportunities for engineering and business students to work together on real-world engagements, allowing the enhancement of degrees and resumes with deep-tech commercialization projects.

9 semester hours
3.0 Average GPA

**Courses may not be offered every term. The TE Certificate is not designed to be completed within a single term.**

Global Business Economics and Communication (EGR 4301)
This class will prepare engineering students to work effectively at the interface between business and engineering in a global economy. The focus will be on engineering economics, written communication and oral communication for engineers and computer scientists, addressing communication to both technical and non-technical audiences.

3 Credit Hour Entrepreneurship Elective or Lab to Market Internship (Recommended: Corporate Innovations ENT 4330/5342) 
The Corporate Innovations class will explore the nature of innovation - the drivers, patterns and impacts on society, delivering tools for recognizing breakthrough-level innovation opportunities, and creating and implementing sustained, innovation-driven growth in corporate settings.

Benefits of the TE Certificate

  • Valuable enhancement to degree & resume 
  • Exposure and experience for engineering and computer science students to experience the business world, give them skills of interacting with a niche deep-tech market and just so happens to fit in with most students' degree plans.  
  • Fits degree requirements 
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