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Internship Program

Baylor Business Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation

3 Hours of Academic Credit

The Entrepreneurship Internship Program gives students the opportunity to put classroom knowledge into action in real-world business environments while expanding their skill sets and professional relationships. The program allows the student to receive 3 hours of academic credit for the work completed during the internship and the employer gains access to high quality interns to serve in a temporary capacity.

Student Requirements and Process - If seeking Academic Credit

  • The student must have taken ENT 3320 if entrepreneurship major, or ENT 3315 if entrepreneurship minor, BEFORE enrolling in the internship course, ENT 4395.
  • Willing to work 160 hours minimum during semester.
  • Click on "Current Internship Opportunities" to see any internships arranged by Entrepreneurship Department.
  • Click Waco internships to see available Waco internships. Not all will be approved for credit.
  • Or, click on "Handshake" link below to see available internships NOT YET APPROVED FOR ACADEMIC CREDIT. You may enter "Entrepreneurship" in the search function.
  • Once you have an internship in place, complete the student internship application.
  • Wait for approval by Internship Coordinator before beginning your internship for credit.

Are you a company looking for an intern with entrepreneurial talent?


Handshake is available for students and employers to use. Students, please put ENTREPRENEURSHIP in the search function. Host companies, please include "Looking for Baylor ENT students" in your description.

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