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Media Technology Entrepreneurship Certification

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The certificate in Media Technology Entrepreneurship is a 9 hour certification program available to Film and Digital Media students. The program is designed to create corresponding learning and recognition opportunities for Film and Digital Media students who will gain entrepreneurial skills and innovation practices.

Course Plan

Certificates are awarded only if all 9 hours are completed with a grade of B or higher.

Required courses:

This course will be completed on campus at Baylor University regardless of whether you choose the local or study abroad track:

The Study Abroad track allows Film & Digital Media students to participate in the i5 Baylor in China program as part of an international team focused on a digital media business project.

Entry into i5 is a competitive process and not all students desiring this experience will necessarily be accommodated.

The Local track allows Film & Digital Media students to complete their certification while studying exclusively at Baylor University.

Contact Greg Leman, Ph.D. at 254.710.1343 for more information about this certificate program.

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