Baylor in the Caribbean - Costa Rica

Student Spotlights

Baylor in the Caribbean - Costa Rica

This is what students have to say about their experiences in the Baylor in the Caribbean - Costa Rica study abroad program.

"This trip is an excellent opportunity to see a beautiful part of the world that is so uniquely different from Baylor, and gain tremendous perspective of your position not only in business but global society as you head into your career. Baylor in the Caribbean is not only incredibly insightful, it is incredibly fun as well."

- Abbie Stonecypher, graduate student, accounting major

"It was a once in a lifetime experience."

- Josh Arnold, senior, management major

"This trip provided exposure that would not have been gained otherwise. Additionally experiencing it with other business-minded students provided insight and prospective that I did not have individually."

- Clive Cummings, graduate student, information systems major

"Costa Rica is a beautiful country with some of the nicest people I have ever encountered. In this program, you have the opportunity to learn more than in any classroom. You also have the opportunity to make lasting memories and friendships and make strong connections with Baylor professors. I can only say that the two weeks in Costa Rica were the greatest two weeks of my life."

- Luis Garza, senior, chemistry major

"It is a great way to see another country and learn a lot about their business models. I made new friends and had a blast getting to study their Eco tourism."

- Brian Kelly, senior, entrepreneurship major

"The professors are wonderful, the locations of travel and hotels were very nice and the venues we visited were great."

- Abbie Stonecypher, graduate student, accounting major

"I felt it was a great experience. It was a perfect blend of background, academics and hands-on-experience."

- Rachel Watson, graduate student, MBA

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