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Energy Commerce


The Certificate Program in Energy Commerce provides undergraduate business students enhanced preparation for careers in the energy industry. All students in the program must also complete one or more of the undergraduate business majors. A student interested in the program should contact the program director, Dr. Steve Green, for advising as early as possible in his or her Baylor career.

"Energy Commerce" is a certificate that students will earn in addition to their business major(s). The idea is to provide our students a "leg up" on other applicants for positions with firms in the energy industry. EC certificate holders will have the advantage of an understanding of the industry and its basic vocabulary, as well as the benefit of several experiences such as an industry internship, significant interaction with industry leaders, field trips to a wide range of facilities and completion of an energy-related capstone project.

Admission to the Certificate Program in Energy Commerce is competitive. Students apply for admission to the program after they have completed BUS 1201 (or ECO 4380) and GEO 1406 with a minimum grade of "B" and a minimum 3.0 GPA. Admission is based on a holistic review of a candidate’s record.

Other requirements that must be met to complete the certificate:

  • Admission to the Hankamer School of Business
  • A minimum grade of "B" in BUS 2222 and GEO 1405 (or 1403)
  • A minimum grade of "C" in GEO 4361
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0

If you are interested in the program and would like to receive email updates, please compete and submit the interest form.

Certificate Program Requirements

GEO 1306/1106The Earth Through Time4 hours
GEO 1405 (preferred)
or GEO 1403
The Dynamic Earth
or Environmental Geology
4 hours
BUS 2222Introduction to Energy Commerce++2 hours
GEO 4361Applied Petroleum Geoscience+++3 hours
ECO 4321Energy Economics3 hours
ACC 4310Energy Accounting and Law3 hours
BUS 4V95Energy Commerce Internship1 hour
++ A student must earn a minimum grade of "B" in BUS 1201 to enroll in BUS 2222.
+++ A student must earn a minimum grade of "B" in GEO 1406 and either GEO 1403 or GEO 1405, with GEO 1405 preferred. Enrollment in GEO 4361 is limited and will be subject to instructor permission.
16 hours


  • BUS 2222 (Introduction to Energy Commerce) is offered every spring
  • ACC 4310 (Energy Accounting and Law) is offered every spring
  • ECO 4321 (Energy Economics and Finance) is offered every fall
  • GEO 4361 (Applied Petroleum Geoscience) is currently scheduled to be offered every other fall. The next offering is in Fall 2021, then Fall 2023, etc.
    • o GEO 1403 or 1405, and GEO 1306/1106 (courses that meet prerequisite requirements for GEO 4361) are typically offered each semester. It is often possible to take these courses elsewhere and arrange for transfer credit. Please consult ahead of time with the Geology Department if you are thinking about doing this.
  • BUS 4V95 (Energy Commerce Internship) can be offered during any semester. Most students will do their internship work in the summer before the senior year and then register formally for this class in the fall of their senior year.

All of the above courses either have prerequisites or require instructor permission. Be sure to plan your curriculum so that you will have met the relevant prerequisites by the semester you want to take any given course.

Please contact Dr. Green for more information or if you have any questions.

View the PowerPoint presented in BUS 1201 on October 9, 2019.

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