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2004-050 Earl L. Grinols and Hwan C. Lin Global Patent Protection: Channels of North & South Welfare Gain
2004-051 Earl L. Grinols and Peri A. Silva Existence of Equilibrium in Welfare-Enhancing Free Trade Areas
2004-052 Carl R. Gwin Does Consumer Search Matter for Firm Markups?


Carl R. Gwin and Seow-Eng Ong Do We Really Understand Homeownership Rates? An International Study
2004-054 Charles M. North and Melissa B. Staha Religious Pluralism and Religious Adherence in U.S. Counties: Assessing the Reassessment
2004-055 Kristin A. Nicholson and Charles M. North Unemployment Duration under Wrongful Discharge Law
2004-056 Carl R. Gwin and Charles M. North Religious Freedom and State Religion in an International Panel
2004-057 Earl L. Grinols and James W. Henderson Pharmaceuticals, Prescription Plans, and Promoting Progress
2005-058 Joseph P. Daniels and David D. VanHoose Openness, the Sacrifice Ratio, and Inflation: Is There a Problem?
2005-059 Joseph P. Daniels, Farrokh Nourzad, and David D. VanHoose Openness, Central Wage Bargaining, and Inflation
2005-060 Kenneth J. Kopecky and David D. VanHoose Capital Regulation, Heterogeneous Monitoring Costs, and Aggregate Loan Quality
2005-061 Eric Dearing, Kathleen McCartney, and Beck A. Taylor

Within-child Associations between Changes in Family Income and Changes in Externalizing and Internalizing Problems

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