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European Business Seminar

We are currently accepting applications for the European Business Seminar study abroad program on a first/come, first-serve basis. The earlier you apply, the better your chances of getting the classes you would like. Simply click on "2018 Application" on this site, print out the application, and return the single information page of the application to Professor Richard Easley in the Department of Marketing and then go to BearsAbroad and apply on the Baylor site, too.

Please Note!

The first, and most important thing, for you to remember regarding financial aid for a summer study abroad program is that you need to personally visit the Financial Aid Office so that they can determine, in your specific case, what you qualify for for this specific program. If you talk to someone that is unfamiliar with study abroad programs and scholarships, please ask them to refer you to another person that can assist you.

Note for Baylor Academic Scholarship Holders:

Baylor Undergraduate Academic Scholarships for Summer 2017

Students enrolled in summer 2017 are eligible to request that one semester of their Baylor academic scholarship be applied to summer 2017 if they are:

• Graduating in summer 2017 or fall 2017 in seven (7) or fewer undergraduate semesters

• Graduating in spring 2017 or later in seven (7) or fewer undergraduate semesters (Academic advisor's signature required on request form).

Students are not required to enroll full-time; however, if you are enrolled less than half-time, the scholarship will not exceed tuition costs. Note: Use of the scholarship during the summer term counts toward the maximum semesters of eligibility and applies only to the Regents', President's, Provost's, Deans', or Transfer Scholarships.

Please check with the Financial Aid Office for more details on the above option. Also, it is a good idea to always go by the Financial Aid Office t osee what might be available for you specifically with regard to study abroad aid because each student's financial background is different.


There are various scholarships to help pay for study abroad -- and a listing of these are found at:


When applying, look carefully at the requirements and deadlines associated with each scholarship.

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