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2022 EBS Classes & Costs

European Business Seminar


Applications will be open soon for the European Business Seminar study abroad program!

In the interim, please send the director (Dr. Richard Easley) the following information via text: Name, Major, hours at the end of fall semester and text to 254-723-1673


The dates for the program this year are June 3rd - June 27, 2022. We return to the US in time for you to begin Summer II courses or begin a summer internship.  

We begin in Rome (including Vatican City), then Florence, the Tuscany region, Modena, Bologna, Padova, Verona, Venice, and other places in Italy that I'm probably forgetting, LOL, then Innsbruck, Austria, then Salzburg, Austria, then Munich, Germany, then Dingolfing, Germany, then Lausanne, Switzerland, then Broc, Switzerland, then Paris, France, then the Normandy region of France, then London, England, then Solihul, England, then Coventry, England, then back to London for departure back to the US!  

Please spend a few minutes looking over our various pages (including  the Gabbino video and, yes, our visit there each year is just as picturesque as the video!) and, after reviewing these pages, if you have any questions about the program, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Easley by cell (voice or text) at 254-723-1673, including nights or weekends  -- even right now. And -- please encourage your parents to contact me should they have any questions!      E-mail is

Evaluating Study Abroad Costs

I have listed the three major components of any study abroad program:  the program cost, the airfare, and the courses costs.

Please look at these very carefully as you consider going on a study abroad program. For example, on the European Business Seminar program, we stay at four-star hotels exclusively and we only stay at hotels.  What does this mean? Lots of things.  It usually means all of these things: the quality of the facility, a prime location, full & elaborate breakfasts (no comparison between these and the typical US hotel "breakfast" or lesser European locations).  For example, our hotel in Switzerland has a roof top breakfast area with panoramic views of Lake Geneva. And, because we have a private-to -the-program tour coach with a driver 24/7, we are able to provide benefits that fixed-based programs or those that use point-to-point transportation cannot: think Lamborghini, think ultra-high end shopping in the Tuscany region of Italy, dream of gorgeous locations like the Gabbiano Winery -- where you will enjoy a meal prepared by an outstanding chef.  All of these things are possible because of EBS's private coach.  And, it goes without saying that, since we are a traveling program, all travel costs are included in the program cost.

So, included in the program cost for our program is all hotels, all breakfasts, some lunches, some dinners, access to our company visits (including the professionally driven Land Rover experience, where they take you on an incredible trek through what I call "Jurassic Park" -- where we go through two feet of water and much more.  Go to YouTube and find the 17 minute  "Solihul Land Rover" video and you'll know what to expect), all intercontinent and intracity travel, subway passes where applicable, an activities pass in Innsbruck, Austria, entry fees on the group excursions (an example: the Seine River boat cruise through the city of Paris, culminating in reaching the Eiffel Tower right as the lights begin to flicker for the evening), Eurostar travel from Paris to London, and more.

The European Business Seminar is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience . . .

Baylor University Credit

Participants in the European Business Seminar will enroll at Baylor for 6 hours of credit. Note that the price for tuition for summer Baylor classes is discounted (25%) from the fall and spring semester rates. There are a number of options for the two courses for the program, and we will work with you personally, reviewing your degree plan, to get the courses that best help you.

2022 European Business Seminar Courses

Course One: All students on the program take MKT4324 (European Business Seminar)

Course Number

Course Name






Counts as a marketing elective, a business elective or as a general university elective

Course Two: All students on the program will take one of the following courses:

Course Number

Course Name



Principles of Marketing

Counts as a core requirement under for all business majors, the marketing requirement for business minors, or as a general university elective



International Marketing

Counts as a marketing elective, an international business elective, or a business elective, or as a general university elective


Managerial  Communications

Counts as a core requirement under Communications for all business majors or as a general university elective




Counts as a core requirement for all business students or as a  general university elective

Seminar Prices

Study abroad programs have three major cost components:1) the program cost, 2) round-trip airfare from the continental US to Europe and back, and 3) registration and tuition fees at Baylor for six hours (two courses) while on the program in Europe. 

For the 2022 European Business Seminar, the program cost is $7995, the airfare round-trip cost is $1300 and registration and tuition for six hours at Baylor (the university has not set summer rates as of this time).

Note: Registration and tuition expenses for the two three-hour courses for the seminar (Baylor University course credit) are separate from the program cost and airfare and will not be billed until May of 2022 by Baylor.

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