Executive MBA Program in Dallas

Executive MBA Program in Dallas

Meet Amber Roy, Class of 2014

Jan. 11, 2019

Amber worked for a large bank for 8 years and had opportunities to continually advance in her career at the company. She had reached a point where she needed to differentiate herself to continue to excel and enhance her overall business knowledge and expertise. She decided to research several of the Executive MBA programs in the DFW metroplex and after attending class visits, she knew that Baylor was the ideal fit for her professional and personal goals.

The Baylor EMBA program had numerous similarities to other programs, however, a few distinctions set Baylor apart. First, the schedule allowed her the ability to work full time and have flexibility during the week to participate in other activities. She was heavily involved in Junior League and it was important to her to continue in her leadership role. Attending class every other weekend enabled her the opportunity to read the materials, complete the assignments and work with classmates on projects. The diversity of the curriculum covered all facets of business to provide each student with an understanding of a variety of subjects, not just a specialization. This is a key contributor for future employers evaluating candidates for their ability to understand all the components of a business. The expertise of the professors allows for an environment of learning and sharing through experience. During the class visit to Baylor, she heard and saw that the professors had a genuine interest in learning from the students and a passion for teaching. The professors were in the journey with her and were career coaches available for the remainder of her career. A smaller class size allows for selection of top talent and encourages a collaborative environment. Being with her classmates for 21 months, built trust, comradery and solid relationships. Baylor became her family. Baylor's brand and reputation are strong, and she knew that a degree from the EMBA program would be valued by many companies.

During the program her company recognized the knowledge and expertise she was obtaining, and the value she was adding to the organization. This led her to being promoted in the first 4 months of the program. This was a true testament that the program can have a direct and significant impact on developing skills. While all colleges have an alumni network, Baylor's network is focused on more than just how many games the football team wins. During her search for the next career opportunity, she connected with several Baylor alumni and which all had a sincere interest in assisting her to attain her career goals. When she was interviewing with Caliber Home Loans for the Senior Vice President, National Operations role, a deciding factor to select her as a candidate was that she was a graduate of the Baylor EMBA program.

“I am proud to be a part of the Baylor family and would recommend this incredible journey to anyone who wants to grow on a professional and personal level. I wish you the best in your next endeavor.” – Amber Roy

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