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Executive MBA Program - Dallas

Excelling in your career. Maintaining a fulfilling social life. Perhaps even having a family? And all while going back to school? How do you prioritize things when everything is a priority? You enroll in a program whose core belief is based on balance.

We call it the Learn/Life balance and it's how we make earning an elite Baylor EMBA not just aspirational, but achievable. The Learn/Life Balance means the focus is truly on you. Yes, our program is rigorous and challenging, but hard work doesn't have to come with hard knocks.

In other words, we've adapted our program to directly address the 5C's that keep students from taking the next step: commitment, cost, commute, confidence and class size.

Eliminating these hurdles puts the prestigious Baylor EMBA in your direct line of sight. So let us remind you: earning a coveted degree while maintaining a Learn/Life Balance isn't about adding a few letters to your business card. It's about building your future, without compromising your present.

The Baylor EMBA Program offers two programs: 

  • The Executive MBA Program offers a rich curriculum taught with practical application in mind. Our students are stretched to think differently and apply what they have learned to challenges in their professional work environment.

  • The Executive MBA - Healthcare Program offers a one-of-a-kind curriculum. This program focuses on building your business acumen while instilling specific healthcare expertise that is vital to your development as an executive leader in healthcare.

The streamlined approach of our program is designed to be practical, personalized, and perfect for you. So let's talk Learn/Life Balance. Let's talk about your Baylor EMBA. We can talk over the phone, over coffee, or in person. It's your choice.




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