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Applications for the i5 in China program are completed online.

There are 2 tracks through the i5 Program:

  • Undergraduate students typically go as a Team Member. (Junior status and GPA >= 3.0)
  • Graduate students typically fill the Project Manager role. (MBA, Engineering, Masters, Law Students and mature undergraduates.) The primary difference in application is that these spots are competitive and require a formal interview with the coaching staff of i5.

To apply for the Project Manager position, submit your application and provide:

  • Recommendations - Two recommendations are required. One should be completed by someone who knows your academic work, such as a dean or professor. The second should be completed by someone who has been your supervisor in either a paid or volunteer job. Recommendations may be sent online through BearsAbroad, follow the instructions in the Recommendations Section. Those you ask for recommendations can submit their forms online, or mail them. You are responsible for being certain the recommendations are completed and have been received by us. Check BearsAbroad to see when they are checked as received.
  • Transcript - An unofficial copy of your latest transcript is required. This can be uploaded to BearsAbroad or mailed to the above address.
  • Resume - A copy of your latest resume is required. This can be uploaded to BearsAbroad or mailed.

If you are selected for one of the competitive and coveted leadership positions, you will pay no program fee! Imagine, living in China for the summer for free!

Cost of Program

Tuition for 6 Hours - Tuition for all study abroad programs is the same as classes on campus. Your existing financial aid or scholarships may apply.

Program - The cost of the program for 2015 is $4,250 for our 9-week program.

This program fee includes housing, food allowance for all meals, in-country travel, tourism in Shanghai and Beijing, health insurance (through Baylor), International SOS, a cell phone plan, and your VISA for China.

Air travel to and from China - current estimates are $2,200.

Travel Information

Travel dates: June 5th to August 9th, 2015 (on ground in China) Precise details will be provided as tourism reservations are completed.

Because we are traveling to China, you will need a VISA in additional to your passport. Your passport must expire after February 12, 2016. If you don’t have a passport, apply immediately as it can be a lengthy process. i5 will apply for VISAs as a group if you are ready by February 2014.

All required materials can be delivered to:

Attn: Roxie Collier
John F. Baugh Center
One Bear Place #98006
Waco, Texas 76798-8006

Questions? Contact Bradley Norris at or 254-710-6182

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