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Return On Investment

Executive MBA Program - Austin

The Baylor Executive MBA Program delivers a significant return on your investment. While we cannot promise a promotion or a salary increase, we do know that our students who actively participate in class and take their new knowledge back to the office, experience more opportunities. They do see job growth, and new career opportunities.

Financial Reward

In 2013, the Financial Times ranked the Baylor Executive MBA Program #31 in the US. We are proud of the fact that our graduates have consistently reported a salary increase of 40-60% three years after graduation for the last 10 years.

  • Average Compensation Increase (3 Years After Graduation) Graph - Salary Increase

Increase in Compensation: The increase in salary is supplied by the annual Financial Times Executive MBA Rankings which surveys Executive MBA alumni 3 years after graduation.

Baylor Brand Recognition

The MBA you earn through the Baylor Executive MBA Program is AACSB accredited. A global Baylor alumni network contributes to a strong Baylor brand recognition across the nation and beyond.


Our curriculum is designed to have an immediate and continued practical application in the workplace. This often generates advancements and greater job responsibilities for students while enrolled in our program.

  • Percent of Students Receiving Promotions (Within three years of starting the program) Graph - Promotion

This data is self-reported to the Baylor Executive MBA Program office by students of the last three graduating cohorts.

Personal Growth

In 2011, Bloomberg Businessweek ranked the Baylor Executive MBA Program #37 globally. In this ranking, our surveyed graduates gave our curriculum an A. Through our well designed and rigorous curriculum, you will be stretched and challenged to grow personally. You will also acquire the business knowledge, tools, and skills necessary to elevate your career.

Lifelong Learning

The learning does not stop at graduation. If there is a new course added to the curriculum, we encourage alumni to come back and audit the class at no additional cost. In addition Executive MBA alumni are invited to hear guest speakers and to network with current Executive MBA students throughout the year.

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